Places nearby

It’s just a must do, rides, shows and a whole day of amusement
Take a tour around this old prison and see how the criminals used to live
Swim time
Where better to swim but the beautiful sparkling lake garda
Madison Square Garden
Check out a basketball game or a concert at Madison square garden
Afternoon walks
Wondering through the streets of Nice
Mercado de San Telmo
Market that gathers the Argentinian culture. Good for gastronomy, souvenirs, knowing locals.
Jungle Trek
Trek the jungle in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. These gorillas don't breed in captivity so it takes an incredible effort to help them out in the wild. At US$600 it's not cheap BUT this is assisting their breeding program and judging by the babies we saw it's working well. It takes them 2 years to habituate a 'family group' to humans. They have about 4 groups going at a time. Then they are left in peace for the next 4 groups. Make no mistake these are wild gorillas who are just used to seeing people after 2 years. You can't touch them but you can see them close up. I consider 2 metres away close up!!!! Even saw a mumma suckling a baby in our group. The silverback himself though is not close. He glares at you from 20 metres away.
Upside down house
Funky upside down house on Brighton Beach
Botanical gardens
Take a walk through the beautiful gardens!
Sunset and drinks
Sitting on the beach having a beer and watching the sunset
Boat trips
Take a short or long trip on the lake to enjoy the views Brasilia has to offer.
Boat house
Enjoy the sights as you walk around the river and find this truly instagrammable spot
Exploring the mountains in Lauterbrunnen
The art
When even the art tells you to love brazil. Oh the streets of rio, to just walk and wonder at the amazingness.
garden walks
Take a break from the city streets to explore the central park.
Australia Zoo ‘Crikey’
Fabulous day out
Snorkeling with sea turtles off Maui
Rainforest Walk
Don’t miss the rainforest walk on Daydream island for these amazing views
Luna Park
Fun fair
A night to remember
Atlantis waterpark
Awesome waterpark in Dubai
Explore the lakes
Take a drive and see why you can find
Definitely go rafting for lots of fun and great views! There are probably opportunities all over nepal but our tour started from pokhara.
Winter ice rink
Outdoor ice skating by the castle in the park what could be better
Trevi Fountain
Toss a coin and make a wish
Walk the walls
Walk around the old walled city and see the best views
Street art at its best
Walk the lane ways of Melbourne to see some amazing artwork
Main square
A church of gold, colourful streets and the sound of drums
Sunset 🌅
Sitting on sunset beach watching the sunset
My favourite
You never know what you will find as you walk along the river
Universal Studios
Fun day out at universal studios theme park
Birubi Beach
Sunsets, Camel Rides & Dune Tours
Botanical gardens
The Singapore botanical garden are huge and full of some incredible plants. There are lots of monitor lizards roaming around too!
Jump off the mountain and just look at these views
Beach days
Just a short train trip out of Lisbon to a beautiful beach getaway
Bell tower
Cling to the top, listen to the bells ring out.... right next to the ferries
A walk along the beach on a sunny day, nothing better!
River walks
The mountains behind Bergamo are filled with beautiful sites like this great walk down to the rock pools
A walk through the city of Birmingham
The loofah island
Check out the beauty of the island and don’t forget it’s main claim to fame the natural sea sponges
Hide away
Sitting by the shores of the lake after a beautiful walk or ride around
Horseshoe bay, Bowen
Lovely little beach that was nice and quiet. Sometimes there are markets on the front too.
Wongaling beach instead of mission beach
Mission beach is very fancy and expensive. We stayed a 5 minutes drive down the road in Wongaling beach and got a great campsite next to the beach. The beach was empty! Watch the stars at night!
river cruise
an amazing way to see so much beauty that Egypt has to offer
Giant trees
Amazing free light shows at garden by the bay
Nye on Copacabana
Dee Why
Swim in the beach, lay on the sand, walk around the local area or grab something to eat from one of the local cafes. Perfect area to spend the day
Must do
Check out the local spices
What a view
A beautiful place to stay and enjoy the views of Bergamo
Wine garden
Head to pontao for a great selection of places to go out and check out the wine bar for a nice selection of wines