Places nearby

Walk of fame
Take a walk among the stars ... Hollywood stars
Island cruises
See the sights of the islands
head into Kayseri and check out their main bazaar
island exploration
take a day trip around the island to see the beauty it has to offer
Road trips
Returning to the true north of Germany. A drive from Denmark to see all the amazing scenery
Jungle Trek
Trek the jungle in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. These gorillas don't breed in captivity so it takes an incredible effort to help them out in the wild. At US$600 it's not cheap BUT this is assisting their breeding program and judging by the babies we saw it's working well. It takes them 2 years to habituate a 'family group' to humans. They have about 4 groups going at a time. Then they are left in peace for the next 4 groups. Make no mistake these are wild gorillas who are just used to seeing people after 2 years. You can't touch them but you can see them close up. I consider 2 metres away close up!!!! Even saw a mumma suckling a baby in our group. The silverback himself though is not close. He glares at you from 20 metres away.
River walks
The mountains behind Bergamo are filled with beautiful sites like this great walk down to the rock pools
Thermal watermark
A great place to spend a day with fun watersides, swim ups bars and adventure!
Cape Hillsborough beach
Huge beach that we had almost entirely to ourselves. Head there at sunrise to see the wallabies and kangaroos. Please respect the wildlife and keep your distance.
Australia Zoo ‘Crikey’
Fabulous day out
Kite surfing in Northern Germany
It might be cool, but not too cool to enjoy a wave or two.
Time to Ski
Because all malls should have an indoor ski lodge
Can’t go to New York and not see a musical
Taronga zoo Sydney
Taronga zoo is awesome because it’s so immersive. You can walk through enclosures and be surrounded by animals.
Window shopping
Walking along fifth avenue looking at all the things I wish to buy
Wild rose country
Check out the hikes and trails around Alberta for some amazing scenery
bell towers
climb all the way to the top of the iconic church, look up for the bell and around for the city sites
Snorkeling with sea turtles off Maui
Enjoy the park and take in the view
Happiest place on earth
like who doesn't want to be here
Sirmione city walls
Walk through and discover the beauty of this lakeside town
Nye on Copacabana
Sting ray
A great few hours spent feeding sting rays and sharks
City strolling
No better way to see this amazing city
ferry trips
take the ferry out to the Princes' Islands and see the seagull's follow the boats
Fitzroy Island
Do not go to Fitzroy island for the Great Barrier Reef, it’s all bleached so there nothing to see there any more. The island itself is lovely though and you can go for a nice hike and see tonnes of ****atoos.
Italian alps
Head up to Renon for a magical trip into the Italian alps
Port Vila
Snorkeling around iririki island
Take a tour around this old prison and see how the criminals used to live
Swim time
Where better to swim but the beautiful sparkling lake garda
A bridge between countries
What better way to go back to Brazil then a nice walk over the river
Take a walk or swim in the famous beach of copacabana!
Definitely go rafting for lots of fun and great views! There are probably opportunities all over nepal but our tour started from pokhara.
Take a walk to spot a swan on the beautiful swan river
That beautiful Calabrian town with amazing ocean views
Efterling park
Amusement park and a must do
Pier 17
A quiet place to relax with a view during the day. In the evenings concerts and other parties can take place. So check out their homepage for more information
Downtown Lisbon
The perfect place to start a day of exploring what the city of Lisbon has to offer
Butterfly walk
The butterfly walk at cape Hillsborough is incredible. You will be surrounded by butterflies! Unfortunately I was unable to capture how amazing this was with a photo.
Bouddi coastal walk
A beautiful walk between beaches in the national park. Amazing views and the sandstone cliffs are so beautiful!!
Best friend walk
Great place for kids, walking track, exercise equipment for work out, separate dog park, family areas
Sydney Vivid Festival
Great festival of light in the middle of Sydney winter
Macquarie nature reserve
Lovely little koala rescue centre with educational content.
city walks
walking through the streets of Dublin you never know who you will find
Nature all the way up
Walk up to the top through the beautiful trees to see a view over tomaree
Chinatown London
Wondering around chinatown
Noosa heads
Noosa Heads coastal walk is beautiful. It can get very busy as it is a tourist trap but the beaches are lovely and you can spot lots of wildlife on route. We saw koalas, turtles, Wales and dolphins!
Paddington station
Coming to find a lost bear
Mercado de San Telmo
Market that gathers the Argentinian culture. Good for gastronomy, souvenirs, knowing locals.
Karuah Woodchop & Oyster Festival
Great day out