Places nearby

Mini golf
Fun afternoon of mini golf. Made even better by the rain
Botanical gardens
Take a walk or relax with a picnic in these beautiful gardens
To the top
Just keep walking, can’t wait to see the view from the top
A must see
Wander the maze of the market to taste and explore the delights of Minas Gerais
Perfect spot to sit, have lunch and go for a swim
River walks
The mountains behind Bergamo are filled with beautiful sites like this great walk down to the rock pools
Magnetic island
Sit by the rocks for lunch and some wallabies will pay you a visit!
When in Rio, it’s a must! Most amazing views of the city and ocean!
Safari accommodation
When in the middle of a national park, it’s best to stay among the animals
Garden of dreams
The garden of dreams is a lovely place to escape the noisy, dusty streets of Kathmandu.
Princes islands
Well worth the boat trip out to explore the different islands
Cooking class
When in Italy a cooking class is a must
The eye
Because you just should
Rainforest Walk
Don’t miss the rainforest walk on Daydream island for these amazing views
Sunset 🌅
Sitting on sunset beach watching the sunset
Swiss lakes
Walk the stairs to look back on the beauty of Lugano
Sting ray
A great few hours spent feeding sting rays and sharks
Street art at its best
Walk the lane ways of Melbourne to see some amazing artwork
Grand bazaar
Check out Istanbul’s grand bazaar for all your Turkish shopping needs
Costal walk
Check out Bouddi costal walk for some awesome views and beautiful scenery
Nye on Copacabana
It’s just a must do, rides, shows and a whole day of amusement
Hiking monte Farno
Hiking in Gandino is beautiful. You can fallow the mountain road to the top where you’ll find a car park and lots of different routes to hike.
Birubi Beach
Sunsets, Camel Rides & Dune Tours
Boat trips
Take a short or long trip on the lake to enjoy the views Brasilia has to offer.
Main square
A church of gold, colourful streets and the sound of drums
Boat house
Enjoy the sights as you walk around the river and find this truly instagrammable spot
What a view
Definitely worth the walk for this view
Moulin Rouge
Great night out!
Flamengo beach
A perfect place to spend the day at the beach
Citta alta
Wandering the old city and getting lost in the beauty of Bergamo
Botanical gardens
Take a walk through the beautiful gardens!
That beautiful Calabrian town with amazing ocean views
Walk of fame
Take a walk among the stars ... Hollywood stars
Iguazu falls
One of those amazing places in the world
Wild rose country
Check out the hikes and trails around Alberta for some amazing scenery
Hairy Coo
Great little farm and gift shop to check out with such beautiful hairy cows ❤️
This is no walk in the park experience. It's a jungle out there!
Take a walk to spot a swan on the beautiful swan river
Belém views
Go all the way to the top for amazing views both of city or walk to the other side for the water.
Italian alps
Head up to Renon for a magical trip into the Italian alps
Snow capped mountains
Hiking through the mountains in the Swiss alps
The art
When even the art tells you to love brazil. Oh the streets of rio, to just walk and wonder at the amazingness.
Hiking in Malvern
Nice easy hiking in the Malvern hills. There are lots of routes. It’s so windy at the top that you can fall into the wind and it will hold you up!
Luna Park
Fun fair
Happiest place on earth
like who doesn't want to be here
The place to be
The Copenhagen hotspot. Beautiful buildings and a great social life
Noosa heads
Noosa Heads coastal walk is beautiful. It can get very busy as it is a tourist trap but the beaches are lovely and you can spot lots of wildlife on route. We saw koalas, turtles, Wales and dolphins!
Walk the walls
Walk around the old walled city and see the best views
Private Beach
Perfect spot to work on your tan in Abu Dhabi