Places nearby

Red rock walking trail
One of the nicest coastal walks in Australia. Love the red rocks and there are loads of wallabies around! It gets very hot, even in winter, so take lots of water and a hat.
Jungle Trek
Trek the jungle in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. These gorillas don't breed in captivity so it takes an incredible effort to help them out in the wild. At US$600 it's not cheap BUT this is assisting their breeding program and judging by the babies we saw it's working well. It takes them 2 years to habituate a 'family group' to humans. They have about 4 groups going at a time. Then they are left in peace for the next 4 groups. Make no mistake these are wild gorillas who are just used to seeing people after 2 years. You can't touch them but you can see them close up. I consider 2 metres away close up!!!! Even saw a mumma suckling a baby in our group. The silverback himself though is not close. He glares at you from 20 metres away.
Magnetic island
Sit by the rocks for lunch and some wallabies will pay you a visit!
Italian lido
Check out the lidos along the lakes of italy
bell towers
climb all the way to the top of the iconic church, look up for the bell and around for the city sites
Walking around Camden markets
Must do
Check out the local spices
Take a walk to spot a swan on the beautiful swan river
White pools
a mesmerising place to go, walk the salt to see the beautiful pools
Animal Sanctuary
Great day out #excellent keepers
Camp in the wild
Here you are allowed to put up your tent in the wild. Special experience.
Italian life
A beautiful little town in the wine region
Island walks
Wander around the island for some amazing views! Enjoy a swim or a snorkel in the beautiful waters.
Well ok
Some seriously funky art
Istanbul aqueduct
Head underground to see this beauty
Summer Days
When it’s summer the beach is a must
Universal Studios
Fun day out at universal studios theme park
Might be too cold to swim but to walk and just enjoy being at the sea
It’s just a must do, rides, shows and a whole day of amusement
Madison Square Garden
Check out a basketball game or a concert at Madison square garden
Blue lake
Wandering past the caves to search for a platypus
Atlantis waterpark
Awesome waterpark in Dubai
Burj Khalifa
Watching the sunset from the tallest building
Road trips
Returning to the true north of Germany. A drive from Denmark to see all the amazing scenery
island exploration
take a day trip around the island to see the beauty it has to offer
Rock carvings
Take this 30 minute walk to explore the ancient unexplained rock carvings
Sting ray
A great few hours spent feeding sting rays and sharks
A bridge between countries
What better way to go back to Brazil then a nice walk over the river
Secret Beach
It’s called secret beach for a reason, very quiet and incredible beach
Bounty Island
Spend the day wondering and chilling out on this Fiji island
Australia Zoo ‘Crikey’
Fabulous day out
Parliament house
When heading to Canberra it’s a must see
The Grove
Famous shopping mall, come ready to spend your money
Oh Jeri
Walk the streets of sand and enjoy the natural holiday life ❤️
Trevi Fountain
Toss a coin and make a wish
Hotel La Ermita
You can pay to swim in the pool if you aren’t a guest ... come for the pool, stay for the poolside bar
ferry trips
take the ferry out to the Princes' Islands and see the seagull's follow the boats
A walk around town
Such a beautiful city to explore all day
Mountain walks
Head up into the hills to see the beautiful waterfalls
Sunset surfing
Head down of an evening for a lazy walk or a deserted time off day for a surf
Catching Waterfalls
Swimming with the waterfalls at Krka National Park
Enjoy the history of Porto with a team ride to your next destination
Yes you are that close. It is an amazing once in a lifetime experience
Malvern hills hiking
Beautiful hiking spot in the Malvern hills. The official car parks get very busy so I recommend heading to Sugarloaf cafe and parking along the road.
Garden of dreams
The garden of dreams is a lovely place to escape the noisy, dusty streets of Kathmandu.
Kite surfing in Northern Germany
It might be cool, but not too cool to enjoy a wave or two.
Hiking monte Farno
Hiking in Gandino is beautiful. You can fallow the mountain road to the top where you’ll find a car park and lots of different routes to hike.
Beautiful flowers at the local market. Definitely worth and walk and look through
Winter ice rink
Outdoor ice skating by the castle in the park what could be better
Trevi fountain
To make a wish