Places nearby

Catherine Hill Bay
Surf Beach
For all those cadbury lovers 😍
Luna Park
Fun fair
city walks
walking through the streets of Dublin you never know who you will find
Volcanos behind
Looking out to sea after a trip to the volcanic island of Volcano
Thermal watermark
A great place to spend a day with fun watersides, swim ups bars and adventure!
Jungle Trek
Trek the jungle in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. These gorillas don't breed in captivity so it takes an incredible effort to help them out in the wild. At US$600 it's not cheap BUT this is assisting their breeding program and judging by the babies we saw it's working well. It takes them 2 years to habituate a 'family group' to humans. They have about 4 groups going at a time. Then they are left in peace for the next 4 groups. Make no mistake these are wild gorillas who are just used to seeing people after 2 years. You can't touch them but you can see them close up. I consider 2 metres away close up!!!! Even saw a mumma suckling a baby in our group. The silverback himself though is not close. He glares at you from 20 metres away.
Enjoy the nature and animals that can be found in this amazing little park. Check out the butterfly rooms too to be amazed!
Best place to see the sign
Sneak through the fence at the end of Deronda Drive and you’re on the trail to get the best view of the the sign
There’s snow!!
It really does snow in the mountains of Australia
Bronte Beach
End of the Bondi to Bronte walk
Cape Hillsborough beach
Beautiful view while hiking!
To see the lake and search for the stars
Bouddi coastal walk
A beautiful walk between beaches in the national park. Amazing views and the sandstone cliffs are so beautiful!!
Another Day, another beach
Spending the day at the beach on Daydream island
Red rock walking trail
One of the nicest coastal walks in Australia. Love the red rocks and there are loads of wallabies around! It gets very hot, even in winter, so take lots of water and a hat.
Efterling park
Amusement park and a must do
Empire State Building
Check out this building and head up to the top for some amazing views over New York
Sunset surfing
Head down of an evening for a lazy walk or a deserted time off day for a surf
Fitzroy Island
Do not go to Fitzroy island for the Great Barrier Reef, it’s all bleached so there nothing to see there any more. The island itself is lovely though and you can go for a nice hike and see tonnes of ****atoos.
Walking around Camden markets
Island tours
Check out the differences of the 12 islands of greece with the different boat trips available
Giant trees
Amazing free light shows at garden by the bay
island exploration
take a day trip around the island to see the beauty it has to offer
Waikiki beach
Watching the sunset over Waikiki beach
Horseshoe bay, Bowen
Lovely little beach that was nice and quiet. Sometimes there are markets on the front too.
Froggy museum
Random museum of stuffed frogs
Barra lighthouse
Beautiful place to go for a walk, drink, eat, swim and see the sunset from the point behind the lighthouse
Check out the happy quokkas on Rottnest Island
bell towers
climb all the way to the top of the iconic church, look up for the bell and around for the city sites
Beach time
Chilling by the amazing beaches in Maui
Beach time
head down to the beach and explore the water to see the array of sea life the red sea has to offer
Tram time
Can’t go to San Fran and not catch a tram
Rottnest ferry
Head to shed B to catch the ferry across to rottnest island
Cruising with dolphin cruise
Amazig day trip with Dolphin tours to see the mesmerizing sea life Teneriffe has to offer. A once in a life time experience!
Lake walks
Wander around the lake to admire all the architecture
oh Venice
the iconic ride along a canal
Grab a cheap ticket....
So many performances to choose from
Sand sculptures
Check out the amazing sand art of Copacabana
Beach time
Sit back and relax while looking at Bodrum castle
To the top
Just keep walking, can’t wait to see the view from the top
Explore the lakes
Take a drive and see why you can find
red sea diving
the underwater sites are best explored this way
Happiest place on earth
like who doesn't want to be here
Might be too cold to swim but to walk and just enjoy being at the sea
shark tank diving
head to the Istanbul aquarium to dive with the sharks
Tobacco Plantation
Kind family who show you around their farm, offer you freshly rolled tobacco, rum and beautiful coffee
Iguazu falls
One of those amazing places in the world
Glendalough National park
Beautiful walks through the forest, mountain and lake views as well as an ancient monastery.
City walks
When a walk down the street is just so beautiful