Places nearby

Upside down house
Funky upside down house on Brighton Beach
Afternoon walks
Wondering through the streets of Nice
Head to the stadium to watch a heated Turkish football game
Nice cat
Get close to tigers at the zoo
When in Rio, it’s a must! Most amazing views of the city and ocean!
Tower Bridge
Walking along tower bridge, must do!!
Castillo de San Cristóbal
Old fortress with beautiful views and historical museums
Spanish Steps
When the view is this good from the top
North see getaway
A beautiful place to walk along the sea
river cruise
an amazing way to see so much beauty that Egypt has to offer
Museum of Death
Crazy Museum all about serial killers and death. Kinda morbid but cool
Blue mosque
Check out the beauty inside
Park in Paris
Little park in Paris to sit and enjoy the afternoon
Street art at its best
Walk the lane ways of Melbourne to see some amazing artwork
Time to shop
Cannot go to London and not walk down this street
My favourite
You never know what you will find as you walk along the river
Yes you are that close. It is an amazing once in a lifetime experience
Volcanos behind
Looking out to sea after a trip to the volcanic island of Volcano
Madison Square Garden
Check out a basketball game or a concert at Madison square garden
Ocean views
Find the highest point for a look back at this beautiful sea side village
Fitzroy Island
Do not go to Fitzroy island for the Great Barrier Reef, it’s all bleached so there nothing to see there any more. The island itself is lovely though and you can go for a nice hike and see tonnes of ****atoos.
Let’s swim
Swim out to the most beautiful greek church
Rainforest Walk
Don’t miss the rainforest walk on Daydream island for these amazing views
The best way to see the amazingness of denmark
Beach time
head down to the beach and explore the water to see the array of sea life the red sea has to offer
Tram time
Can’t go to San Fran and not catch a tram
For all those cadbury lovers 😍
Swim time
Where better to swim but the beautiful sparkling lake garda
Warner Bros
Taking the studio tour around the Warner Bros lot
ice skating
when it gets so cold that the rivers start to freeze up its time to ice skate
Botanical gardens
Take a walk or relax with a picnic in these beautiful gardens
Best friend walk
Great place for kids, walking track, exercise equipment for work out, separate dog park, family areas
Tobacco Plantation
Kind family who show you around their farm, offer you freshly rolled tobacco, rum and beautiful coffee
What can I see
Wander through Central Park and see the wonders it hides
Explore the local markets of Hong Kong
A bridge between countries
What better way to go back to Brazil then a nice walk over the river
Shoal bay beauty
The best place to relax and unwind while in Port Stephens
Watching the sunset
Chilling on the beach in Maui watching the sunset
Enjoy the nature and animals that can be found in this amazing little park. Check out the butterfly rooms too to be amazed!
Beautiful little sea town
A beautiful little town to stop and enjoy the views while road tripping to the north of Scotland
Nature all the way up
Walk up to the top through the beautiful trees to see a view over tomaree
Paddington station
Coming to find a lost bear
Giant trees
Amazing free light shows at garden by the bay
Another Day, another beach
Spending the day at the beach on Daydream island
Beach time
Chilling by the amazing beaches in Maui
shark tank diving
head to the Istanbul aquarium to dive with the sharks
Exploring the mountains in Lauterbrunnen
Shopping time
Head into the centre to wander around the beautiful old architecture and shop some awesome Brazilian products.
Sand sculptures
Check out the amazing sand art of Copacabana
Malvern hills hiking
Beautiful hiking spot in the Malvern hills. The official car parks get very busy so I recommend heading to Sugarloaf cafe and parking along the road.