Places nearby

Parliament house
When heading to Canberra it’s a must see
Belém views
Go all the way to the top for amazing views both of city or walk to the other side for the water.
bell towers
climb all the way to the top of the iconic church, look up for the bell and around for the city sites
Mini golf
Fun afternoon of mini golf. Made even better by the rain
Jungle Trek
Trek the jungle in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the mountain gorillas. These gorillas don't breed in captivity so it takes an incredible effort to help them out in the wild. At US$600 it's not cheap BUT this is assisting their breeding program and judging by the babies we saw it's working well. It takes them 2 years to habituate a 'family group' to humans. They have about 4 groups going at a time. Then they are left in peace for the next 4 groups. Make no mistake these are wild gorillas who are just used to seeing people after 2 years. You can't touch them but you can see them close up. I consider 2 metres away close up!!!! Even saw a mumma suckling a baby in our group. The silverback himself though is not close. He glares at you from 20 metres away.
Up close
Head over the water and see the statue up close, even better walk all the way to the top for sweeping views over NY
What can I find
Walking through the forests on the side of sugarloaf mountain to find some awesome animals.
Beach time
Sit back and relax while looking at Bodrum castle
Flamengo beach
A perfect place to spend the day at the beach
Well ok
Some seriously funky art
Sirmione city walls
Walk through and discover the beauty of this lakeside town
Around every turn is another amazing view
Butterfly walk
The butterfly walk at cape Hillsborough is incredible. You will be surrounded by butterflies! Unfortunately I was unable to capture how amazing this was with a photo.
Summer Days
When it’s summer the beach is a must
Wild rose country
Check out the hikes and trails around Alberta for some amazing scenery
Australia Zoo ‘Crikey’
Fabulous day out
slight ice barrier
when you want to see the heads on the side of Nemrut but the snow just doesn't think its a good idea
Thermal watermark
A great place to spend a day with fun watersides, swim ups bars and adventure!
Sorrento Sunset
Watching the sunset over the water, nothing better
Changu Narayan
Hike to Changu Narayan, a small farm village. Stay at Changu Narayan home stay to support a local farmer. The host will teach you about the culture and she is lovely.
La Rambla
Take a walk down the iconic street, do some window shopping or sit and enjoy a cafe but best of all explore the market and all it has to offer
Wongaling beach instead of mission beach
Mission beach is very fancy and expensive. We stayed a 5 minutes drive down the road in Wongaling beach and got a great campsite next to the beach. The beach was empty! Watch the stars at night!
Museum of Death
Crazy Museum all about serial killers and death. Kinda morbid but cool
Karuah Woodchop & Oyster Festival
Great day out
Harbour tours
Take a boat tour to truly experience the massiveness that’s is hamburg port
Nature all the way up
Walk up to the top through the beautiful trees to see a view over tomaree
Can’t go to New York and not see a musical
Excellent sunsets
Great spot for a drink on the beach to watch the day fade away
Bouddi coastal walk
Beautiful rock formations and strong sea, this was one of our favourite coastal walks in Oz.
Sunset and drinks
Sitting on the beach having a beer and watching the sunset
Walking in pokhara
The walk up to the peace pagoda is beautiful
Volcanos behind
Looking out to sea after a trip to the volcanic island of Volcano
Best friend walk
Great place for kids, walking track, exercise equipment for work out, separate dog park, family areas
Beach days
The beach in Bahia
It’s just a must do, rides, shows and a whole day of amusement
Italian alps
Head up to Renon for a magical trip into the Italian alps
Garden of dreams
The garden of dreams is a lovely place to escape the noisy, dusty streets of Kathmandu.
Swim time
Where better to swim but the beautiful sparkling lake garda
Bosphorus views
A trip to Istanbul isn’t complete without a walk along the water that divides two continents
Disneyland Paris
Happiest Place on Earth
A bridge between countries
What better way to go back to Brazil then a nice walk over the river
Beautiful views
Talk a walk along some of Australia’s beautiful beaches on this costal walk
Kangaroos and beaches
Camping among the kangaroos at pebbly beach is an Australia must
Beautiful flowers at the local market. Definitely worth and walk and look through
Bronte Beach
End of the Bondi to Bronte walk
Burj Khalifa
Watching the sunset from the tallest building
The beautiful gardens of the Alhambra, great to explore on a sunny Spanish day
Take a walk to spot a swan on the beautiful swan river
River walks
The mountains behind Bergamo are filled with beautiful sites like this great walk down to the rock pools
Birubi Beach
Sunsets, Camel Rides & Dune Tours