Places nearby

Chitwan national park
Don’t skip the beautiful Chitwan National park. We got to canoe down the river right next to the crocodiles and saw elephants, rhinos and heard bears and tigers. The insects are insane too!
The original white house
Hanging out with the mermaid for the day
JK bridge
Seeing it from land is great but the best way is by boat!
St Michael's Mount
You can walk there from the mainland at low tide
French Riviera
The place to see and be seen
Ruined City of Ani
One of the ancient cities on the Silk Road
Just wow
The wonder of nature and human abilities
Great Ocean Road
Nice spot for a drive and camping
Prague view
Stairs are definitely worth it to see this view
Moment in history
This final resting place of Che Guevara
Natural History Museum
Another massive London museum full of skeletons from dinosaurs to blue whales
When this is what you see, who doesn’t want to be here
Spring time in lovely London
Walking the streets around Kensington palacd
Big banana
We collected photos with giant fruit/veg statues, there are plenty in Australia
Rockerfeller Center
Famous music centre. Can see a view of New York from the top and check out the ice skating rink
Marienberg castle
Check out this beautiful little castle, take a walk on the inside and enjoy the architecture it has to offer
Calangute Beach
lovely warm water and relaxation
Miami Beach
Sun, sand and plenty of beer
Fairy-tale house
Quient house along the streets of Zurich
Cape Town
Lovely Beach spot
Streets of Reykjavic
Days of exploring.
Lombard Street
Checking out the ‘crooked street’
The lost Gardens of Heligan
Be surprised by an interesting park/ wood land adventure.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Ancient and well preserved walled German city
Lasting souvenirs
Around every corner there’s an artist creating your portrait.
Island life
Oh to be in Fiji
Spanish beauty
Exploring the city and discovering the beautiful artwork on the building
Congaree National Park
Lovely spot for a weekend escape
Giant sheep
Funny statue, you can see it’s balls from behind
Incredible sunset in Switzerland
Park days
Check out Sempione park a little oasis in the center of milan
The tip of Scotland
When you can’t drive any further.
Ellinjaa falls
Stunning waterfall that’s easily accessible. Thank
The end of the world, not far to Antartica
Bethesda Terrace and fountain in central Park
Must see temples
Built by Raja Raja Chola between 1003 and 1010 AD, this temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage
Lugano lake is just so picturesque
Hippo Altercation
This was so cool. A young male hippo came close to the water and was menaced by a big male. He backed off and then tried again. The third time he actually entered the water and the older male saw him off. We saw him walk dejectedly over the hill and far away. I believe it was Dad saying 'Find your own clan boy, too big to stay with us anymore' We were staying at the Ishasha Jungle Lodge and went on safari by boat from Mweya peninsula along Kazinga channel,
Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
Cool cave with an impressive entrance
Watching the Boats
Sit and relax at Manly Wharf watching the boats come in and out. There are even some cool restaurants around to check out
Chateau Bonneval
French elegance
3j Tapas Bar
Awesome little bar with great food and drinks
Lovely bay
Only accessible by walking there. So it is a really quite bay 😀
Niagara Falls
Breathtaking, anybody want to jump over?
The libraru
Heroes square
A beautiful way to remember
Burj Al Arab
Location, Location, Location - seven stars!
Nice quiet Hotel
Good spot for a short stay on a long journey
Piazza style
Check out the piazzas of Rome