Places nearby

Janolean caves
Just amazing!
Marienburg Castle
Impressive castle
Notre-Dame de Fourvière
It does not get much better than this
Rose garden in Rapperswill
Quient rose garden in a monastry in Rapperswil
Machu Picchu
Well worth the climb and hike
Hatteras Island
Relaxing coastal town
JK bridge
Seeing it from land is great but the best way is by boat!
Arty street in Porto
Colourful streets in Porto
Ben Nevis
Lovely summer stroll up Ben Nevis from Fort William - wrap up well it can get chilly
Park Güell
Take a walk in the famous park to be amazed with all the mystery and beauty it has to offer
Broken Obelisk
This obelisk broke when they were try to extract it. I wonder what they said after all that work
This historic train track is now a beautiful park. It is 9meters high so you have a beautiful view.
Just wow
The wonder of nature and human abilities
Porto da Barra
The salvador sunsets ❤️
Harbour nights
This city is forever beautiful
Another one of the great and ancient Cornish fishing villages
Hippo Altercation
This was so cool. A young male hippo came close to the water and was menaced by a big male. He backed off and then tried again. The third time he actually entered the water and the older male saw him off. We saw him walk dejectedly over the hill and far away. I believe it was Dad saying 'Find your own clan boy, too big to stay with us anymore' We were staying at the Ishasha Jungle Lodge and went on safari by boat from Mweya peninsula along Kazinga channel,
Lake Lousie
Great spot to chill out for a few days
Fairy Chimneys
You just have to see these to understand how amazing they are
Pikes Peak summit
4301 meters high. You can drive up there or take the train. The view is amazing.
Barcelona Beach
Beach time in Barcelona
Lakeside life
Enjoy the views that only the Italian lakes can give
Park days
Check out Sempione park a little oasis in the center of milan
Spanish beauty
Exploring the city and discovering the beautiful artwork on the building
St Paul's Cathedral
"new" cathedral built to replace the one destroyed in the great fire of London in 1666, massive dome with whispering gallery
Whitby Abbey
Old English Abbey, now ruined - the site of many early decisions regarding the Church of England
Dunrobin Castle
Castle Glasgow style!
Burg Rappottenstein
Excellent Austrian Castle
Monet's Garden
As depicted in many of his paintings
Koala Art
Awesome street art
The real greece
Wander the meandering streets of Nisiros
Chateau Bonneval
French elegance
Miami Beach
Sun, sand and plenty of beer
Magnolia Bakery
Amazing cupcakes and bakery
Admiring the lake beauty
I swear there ain’t no filter on it. The water colour is amazing.
Classic architecture
Paris at its best
Finding serenity in the city of bars ❤️
Richmond Bridge
Convict built bridge.
Incredible sunset in Switzerland
Avon Fishing Pier
Good spot for a fish
Hagia Sofia
Massive ancient roman church that was a mosque then a museum now perhaps a mosque
The Stepped Pyramid
One of the earliest pyramids
Favourite Castle
He may have been a mad king but the Neuschwanstein castle is my favourite. Definitely worth the walk to see it
View of Florence
Awesome lookout over Florence
Tasmanian Devil
Fierce creatures
Grand waterfall
Another one of the great Icelandic water falls
Multnomah Falls
Just like a scene from Lord of the Rings
Ambroseli National Park
Dramatic mountains with snow near the equator
Saunders beach free campsite
We stopped here one night on our way to Townsville. You can camp right next to the beach. There are free bbqs and a basic toilet but no shower. The beach is lovely, especially at sunset and you get a great view of the stars and the Milky Way at night. Watch out, there are giant crocodiles in the area!