Places nearby

Garden castles
A hidden gem in the gardens
Alamo Square
Residential Park and nice place to see the Painted Ladies from
Lake Eyre
The dry in the middle of the country
Torres del Paine National Park
The picture tells the story
When this is what you see, who doesn’t want to be here
Pool in the lake
Lake District
Well worth a week away!
Wave Rocks
The rocks are a Must when travelling to Perth.
Night lights
A beautiful city that just sparkles of a night
Historic center
Those beautiful buildings and streets to explore
Beautiful BUT there are more islands to see.
Giant sheep
Funny statue, you can see it’s balls from behind
Brooklyn Bridge
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is somehow a special experience 😀
Arab street
Nice atmosphere, shops and colourful buildings
Jacques Cartier National Park
Good spot to relax and enjoy nature
Brooklyn bridge
Taking a walk over the iconic bridge
Enjoy the night
Wander and see the city lights
Street art
Who doesn’t want to hang out with these lovely creatures. Spot them all around town for some great photo ops
Icefields Parkway
Great road through the mountains
The three sisters
A trip into the blue mountains and a nice bush walk
Lizard Spotting
Wondering around the beautiful historical Castillo de San Cristóbal
Praça da Liberdade
Praça da Liberdade is beautiful square built to host the State government. It gathers architecture dated from the 1920s, modern and contemporary architecture. Most of buildings around the square are art and science museums.
Classic architecture
Eiffel Tower
Great view from the top
Sumela Monastary
Head up the mountain to the beautiful monastery of Sumela
Desert rocks
Oh the things you can see
Head up to see the Virgin Mary and look back out over Santiago
Janolean caves
Just amazing!
South Beach
Touristy shopping
Umaid Bhawan Palace
Palace from the Raj
St. John's Harbour
Quaint harbour at the edge of North America
Beautiful bike riding route along the fjord Schlei. Particulary beautiful during rapseed seasion i.e. May/June.
Nice castle and gardens
Niagara Falls
Breathtaking, anybody want to jump over?
Beach 🏖
Nice beach to check out
Check out the star of Tropea, the onion
Panther Creek Falls
Another magical WA waterfall
Lovely small city.
St Ives, Cornwall
Very sandy beach, great in summer a bit cold in winter
Pigeon Point Beach
Relaxation at it's best
Lake Lousie
Great spot to chill out for a few days
The Pyramids
You can really feel the history here (and the heat)
Beach time
Must see the iconic beach huts
Tv tower
Check out the center of Brasilia and the markets that are around the tv tower
Anna bay
Beautiful beach. The cafe does delicious food!
No other way to describe this beautiful building
Friendly locals
Crocodile farm just outside Darwin
Underground city
Massive ancient underground city carved into the rock. Complete with stables, schools, churches. Many levels and tunnels stretching for miles
Capulin Volcano
Amazing view from the top of the capulin volcano. Great to walk around and to enjoy the stunning view.