Places nearby

Shake Shack
No need for words just amazing!! Don’t forget to order a concrete
Bridges over wayer
The beauty of the city
Hore Abbey
Nice ruined abbey in County Tipperary
Beautiful sculpture in the city square park.
Record Store
Incredible store with a huge range of records. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff
Rydal Water
Paris at its best
Short cut to beach
Better to use the long way round
North Sea luxeries: Giant sand dunes, salty air, soft white sand and peace.
Life Celebration
Privileged to be included in a family party.
Almodovar Del Rio
What a view!
Incredible Church
Favourite church!! So pretty to look at
Juliets Balcony
The famous balcony from Romeo and Juliet
Broken Obelisk
This obelisk broke when they were try to extract it. I wonder what they said after all that work
Desert rocks
Oh the things you can see
Millaa Millaa falls
Very pretty waterfall. Extremely accessible - flat path
Great Ocean Road
Nice spot for a drive and camping
Richmond Bridge
Convict built bridge.
Head into the center of the country for a giant red rock
Old town ruins
A top the hill is the most beautiful old town I have ever seen
Beautiful country walk for about 7 km along the Schlei. Find some rest and delicious home-made cake at the café Stubbe
Tanah Lot
Island home!
Iona Abbey and Nunnery
Well worth popping by for a look if you are exploring the Scottish Islands
Hagia Sofia
Massive ancient roman church that was a mosque then a museum now perhaps a mosque
Congaree National Park
Lovely spot for a weekend escape
City skyline
Perfect little spot to sit and gaze out over the city lights and harbour bridge
Lakeside life
Enjoy the views that only the Italian lakes can give
The end of the world, not far to Antartica
Just wow
The wonder of nature and human abilities
Just look at that beautiful skyline
Nice spot to view the lake
Quiet campsite
Quiet walk in campsite.
Fisherman’s Wharf
Visit the well known Pier 39 for shopping and restaurants and maybe see the sea lions at the end of the pier
Look above
Sit and eat and drink with the most amazing view
Rochester Castle
Great castle just east of London, easy to get to!
The Stepped Pyramid
One of the earliest pyramids
Wave Rock
Great for surfers
Qesm Saint Katrin, South Sinai
Great rock structures
Edinburgh Castle
History Scottish Style
Eiffel Tower
Great view from the top
St Paul's Cathedral
"new" cathedral built to replace the one destroyed in the great fire of London in 1666, massive dome with whispering gallery
Little india
Great food, street art and statues
northern sunsets
it may be cold but the sunsets are spectacular
Mount Rushmore
Check out the presidents
Calangute Beach
lovely warm water and relaxation
Nice quiet Hotel
Good spot for a short stay on a long journey
Topkapı Palace
The ancient Topkapı Palace in the old city of Istanbul
Ambroseli National Park
Dramatic mountains with snow near the equator
Frank Josef Glacier
Slow moving, good to explore
Admiring the lake beauty
I swear there ain’t no filter on it. The water colour is amazing.