Places nearby

Multnomah Falls
Just like a scene from Lord of the Rings
Classic architecture
Hohenzollern Castle
Very well preserved
Governor Phillip Park
Romantic beach walk
Amazing food
Traditional Kosovo food
Kennedy Space Center
It's a blast in more ways than one
Sydney Opera House
Great spot for a walk
Tv Tower
head up to the top on a clear day and you can see all the way to the baltic sea
Ocean sunsets
The end of a spectacular beach day
Whitest Sand
Hyams beach has the whitest sand ever
The three sisters
A trip into the blue mountains and a nice bush walk
Mount Rainier National Park
Watch out for volcanoes
St Michael's Mount
You can walk there from the mainland at low tide
A walk through history
Check out the old part of town
arctic circle
just a little bit further
View of Florence
Awesome lookout over Florence
Finding serenity in the city of bars ❤️
Panther Creek Falls
Another magical WA waterfall
Road signs
Where is the world should I go?
MacRitchie reservoir park
Lovely park for a walk, follow the path around the reservoir and you’ll see lots of monkey. Try not to get too close or bother those with babies as they’ll get aggressive!
Niagara Falls
Breathtaking, anybody want to jump over?
Underground city
Massive ancient underground city carved into the rock. Complete with stables, schools, churches. Many levels and tunnels stretching for miles
Iona Abbey and Nunnery
Well worth popping by for a look if you are exploring the Scottish Islands
City skyline
Perfect little spot to sit and gaze out over the city lights and harbour bridge
The Pyramids
You can really feel the history here (and the heat)
Nice Temple
Street side temple in Taipei
Arty Porto
Porto, you stole my heart.
Walk along the streets and enjoy where the old meets the Indian Ocean
Burg Eltz
Squeezed onto the hillside
Pagoda Hangzhou
Good view and lake
A tribute
A walk through history
Swiss beauty
Lakes, mountains and fresh air while walking
Dover Castle
Large castle, now a museum overlooking the white cliffs of Dover staring at Calais on the other side of the English Channel
Stingray spotting
Check out Kioloa Beach, beautiful beach and you can often spot a stingray swimming around
Tanah Lot
Island home!
A trip to kiama well worth it for this
Colourful busy streets of Kathmandu
Beautiful clear water, magnetic island
Don’t miss the beautiful magnetic island. Ideally you need at least a couple of days here but you can always do a day trip if short on time.
Mount Fuji
Very impressive!
Harbour nights
This city is forever beautiful
Biblical ruins great to explore
Arab street
Nice atmosphere, shops and colourful buildings
Short cut to beach
Better to use the long way round
Crocodile Farm
Friendly local wildlife
Big Ben
Big Ben and the houses of parliament, good for a selfie and close to Westminster Abbey
Danish Beach life
Lombard Street
Checking out the ‘crooked street’
Around every turn is a new and amazing view!
Houses literally carved into the soft rock, some are hotels. Don't forget the nearby underground cities
Koala Art
Awesome street art