Places nearby

Ruined City of Ani
One of the ancient cities on the Silk Road
Lake Eyre
The dry in the middle of the country
Classic Venice
A unique spot in the world steeped in history
Cairns Botanic gardens
Gorgeous gardens with a wide range of plants and a jungly feel. Stop at the cafe for yummy smoothies and lunch!
Ani city wall
Part of the ancient ruined city of Ani
island times
check out the island of capri for beautiful water views, a taste of limoncello, and the gorgeous Italian style architecture
No other way to describe this beautiful building
Mount Hood
Good for hiking
Disneyland Hong Kong
Great spot to have a fun day
Lizard Spotting
Wondering around the beautiful historical Castillo de San Cristóbal
Porto da Barra
The salvador sunsets ❤️
Swiss Countryside
Hiking in beautiful Switzerland surrounded by the sound of cow bells, fresh air (nearly tasting like a sweetie) and the smell of freshly cut grass in the breeze.
Shake Shack
No need for words just amazing!! Don’t forget to order a concrete
Notre Dame
A lot of history here, pop in and check it out,
Another Atlantis
Check out the indoor pool!
The Stepped Pyramid
One of the earliest pyramids
Grand Central Terminal
Try not to get lost among the crowds
Parc Güell
Spend some time walking around the beautiful sculptures and arty designs.
Rochester Castle
Ruined English castle
another wonder
the world is just so amazing and this is something that has to be seen at least once in a lifetime
Egyptian Temple that was picked up and moved to higher ground when the built the Aswan dam. Nice trip from Aswan
Stream love in the mountains
A hidden gem
Abandoned rail bridge
Road tripping though Australia to find this old rain bridge on the Ghan line
Natural History Museum
Another massive London museum full of skeletons from dinosaurs to blue whales
Well preserved Irish castle
From the top
Enjoy the views and serenity on top of the mountain.
A mecca for backpackers, even has Irish bars
Dunrobin Castle
Castle Glasgow style!
The Louvre
Well worth the wait in the queue to get in
Tanah Lot
Island home!
Mount Aspiring National Park
Nice spot for long hikes or just relaxing driving
Mount Cook
Very impressive (and cold!)
The beauty of this town is unparalleled
Holyrood Abbey
Ruined Abbey near Edinburgh
Just look at that beautiful skyline
Hanging out with the mermaid for the day
The libraru
Skyline at night
While in Chicago make sure to enjoy the beautiful skyline at night fron the pier.
Citadel Park
Wondering around and found this cool fountain
Nature ❤️
Walking through Tijuca national park is just so beautiful.
Giant's Causeway
Unusual rock structure that goes under the whole of Northern Ireland
Noosa Main Beach
lovely, sun, surf and plenty of warmth
So pretty
Take a wander in the area of the Amazon saved in the centre of Belem
Frank Josef Glacier
Slow moving, good to explore
Richmond Bridge
Convict built bridge.
Spanish beauty
Exploring the city and discovering the beautiful artwork on the building
Little Bay
Private ocean access!
Moment in history
This final resting place of Che Guevara